Halong is known as the heritage land of Vietnam, Ha Long always knows how to please tourists for special reasons the best food, visiting the most interesting places, exploring special culture with the best and cheapest! Let’s find out with Asahi Luxstay!

Beautiful natural scenery

Ha Long is not only an impressive destination in Vietnam but also a familiar name on the World tourism map. Possess a comprehensive beauty from the sea to the mountains, from the bustling city to the rustic, peaceful fishing village and from the dynamic beauty to the rare, majestic appearance.

Ha Long Bay – a natural wonder of the world is a definite address not to be missed in Halong tours. The perfect natural scenery of thousands of limestone islands undulating on the sea with clouds makes it extremely attractive. Besides, you can visit many attractive tourist destinations in Ha Long such as Bai Tho Mountain, Quang Ninh Museum, Bai Chay Beach, Ocean Park, Tuan Chau International Tourism Area, …

A special thing that attracts visitors to Ha Long is the fresh and absolutely peaceful space. Although being put into tourism for a long time, Ha Long Bay in particular and Ha Long in general still retain the full beauty of the status quo. You can see most clearly in the game area or special tourist space are no waste or dust; Tourism development activities such as infrastructure construction do not affect the image and structure of the wonders.

Diversity of entertainment activities

Ha Long City has always been at the forefront of building fun parks – busy entertainment centers, meeting all the needs of visitors when visiting this place. Typically, the entertainment paradise Sun World Complex with coastal entertainment complex and Ba Deo entertainment complex.

Variety of food in Ha Long

HaLong has not only beautiful scenery, but also a paradise for foodies! The list of specialties as well as delicacies here is extremely rich, bearing the flavor of both mountains and the sea. Examples include spring rolls, squid, porridge, vermicelli, noddle buns, BBQ grilled chicken, seaweed, steamed grilled oysters, dried foods (dried squid, shrimp paste, shrimp paste, glutinous rice wine) Soaked Hoanh Bo), …

Many kind of accommodation

Considered a tourist paradise of Vietnam, Ha Long always knows how to invest in taking care of all activities and products that fully meet the needs of tourists both domestically and internationally. It is impossible not to mention the extremely diverse and quality accommodation service system.

You can choose from day or overnight cruises on the Bay, each offering a different experience. At night, floating on the sea listening to the waves, whispering in the calm sea breeze in Ha Long, you will feel the peace and relaxation that only Ha Long has. That is special!

Along the beautiful coastal roads, you can easily find a series of high-class resorts and quality hotels. In particular, a fairly new type that is currently popular with young people is serviced apartments.

Green Bay Premium serviced apartment may be a suggestion you should not miss when coming to Ha Long. You will be completely conquered by this accommodation service because you enjoy all the internal utilities of the building without having to go far in the hot weather like this, just a button “push the elevator” , you have enjoyed a lot of utilities such as CGV cinema, swimming pool, restaurant, … and the apartment with full modern furniture and amenities is also a plus point for the type of storage.  Green bay Premium serviced apartment of Asahi Luxstay placed in the middle and high floor, with the architecture of the rooms designed towards open space, in harmony with nature, giving you a panoramic view overlooking Ha Bay. Long without being obscured. Therefore, you can enjoy the scenery and fresh, peaceful atmosphere right in your room.

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