Currently, the number of Korean people living and working in Hanoi is increasing. South Koreans who come to Vietnam are mostly experts, senior advisors for large corporate groups, or some with corporate headquarters established in Vietnam. Most of them buy houses here, few rent serviced apartments to meet the needs of their business trip.

Certainly, when you come to an unfamiliar country, you are looking forward to living in a place with many of your compatriots, or that area has convenient conditions similar to your homeland. Recent statistics show that the number of Koreans across Vietnam has increased significantly in less than a decade, about 100,000, concentrated in two major cities, Hanoi and Saigon.

Some streets in Hanoi and Saigon were dubbed “Korean streets” such as Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh, My Dinh, Me Tri, Hoang Dao Thuy, Hoang Ngan, …

Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh

K-mart near the apartments

Previously, Japanese or Korean people often lived around the areas of Kim Ma, Lieu Giai, Giang Vo. However, about 10 years ago when Hanoi formed new centers, gradually shifting key projects, expanding urban areas to the West such as My Dinh, Me Tri, … the Korean-Japanese community began moving into new central areas.

My Dinh – Me Tri (Ha Noi)

For Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh area for all sectors, My Dinh – Me Tri area mainly focuses on intellectual and upper classes. They often settle in luxury villas or apartments such as the Manor, Keangnam. Here, there are also many Koreans choosing apartments at The Sun, The Goldmark, FLC Greenhome, …

 Mỹ Đình – Mễ Trì urban Area (Hà Nội)- this is where many Koreans gathered together

Many Korea Restaurants are near the apartment areas

Many luxury shops cater specifically to the Korean community here, from restaurants, beauty treatments to international schools from elementary school to high school serving Korean families in need. permanent settlement.