No more a beautiful and splendid Europe that we have known, no more crowded street, what has left is only sorrow. We properly feel sad when we see all these picture. What happened for people in these country is unbearable.

Despite of that, we still be believe in a brighter future, in a world full of hope and pray. We can prevent spreading of virus. If we work together, the storm will pass and dawn will come to our world.

 Spain was blocked by Covid 19, which make the road near Sagrada Familia Church desserted.

 Photo: Nacho Doce/Reuters.

No crowded street on these days. Photo: Sergio Pérez/Reuters.

Crossroad Piazza Giovanni Bovio in Naples, Italy, Photo: Salvatore Laporta/IPA.

The lobby near the St.Mark Square, Venice, Italy. Photo: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters.

Holy Father Francis arre assking God’blessin on all of peope every week at  St. Peter (Vatican).

Photo: Vatican News.

 Römerberg Square in Frankfurt, German. Photo: Michael Probst/AP.

Almost the stores In Vienna, Austria forced to be closed by Covid 19. Photo: Ronald Zak/AP.

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert Shopping Mall Center in Brussels, Belgium. Photo: Xinhua.

 Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Photo: Rafael Yaghobzadeh/AP.

The street is in Nicosia, Cyprus. Photo: Yiannis Kourtoglou/Reuters.