The situation of Covid 19 in Viet Nam now is complexed, which The Government recommended to close all tourist destinations in Viet Nam, many entertainment palces forced to stop. Yesterday 16th Mar, The Government required all people must wear face masks at the public palces. In while, many foriegn tourists dont care about Covid when they are in Viet Nam at this time.

Many foreigners dont scare the virus in Viet Nam. After one day when the Goverment demanded to wear face mask at public areas. All Vietnamese used to use face mask when going out, so almost of them excute this policy. However, some of forigners didn’t obey because they feel safe when staying in Viet Nam at this time. Some of others dont know this information.

 Some of tourists dont wear the face masks when going out

A little of foreigners in Viet Nam now are much interested about the diseases, they think that they are staying in a safe country by the number of infected case is not much or no one dided because of the diseases. Others belived that wearing the face mask not prevent the virus spreading or avoid the diseases, so they dont wear the face masks. They regret that they can not visist any sightseeings when they come to Viet Nam at disease time.


Vietnamese carried out to wearing the face masks well

Until this morning, the world had recorded nearly 170,000 infected cases in 154 countries and territories. Việt Nam now has 57 infected cases, 17 of whom are foreigners. May be that the number of infected case in Viet Nam is not much until now make the foreigners are subjective. Viet Nam is pleased to cure for some of the forigners suceesfully and supports expend for them, one couple from UK wrote a letter to thanks for Viet Nam goverment to cure for them.